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The Bible Sabbath - Commonly Asked Questions, 4
How do we know the current "7th" day is the same as the 7th day of the Bible?

There are at least four ways to approach this question:

1.  The Bible clearly reveals that Jesus was crucified on the preparation day (Luke 23:54).  His closest followers "rested" as commanded during the Sabbath day (Luke 24:55, 56), and Jesus rose from the dead on the first day (Luke 24:1, Mark 16:9).  Most Christians recognize that Jesus died on Friday the "preparation" day (preparation for the Sabbath), that He "rested" in the grave during the hours of the Sabbath and rose on the first day -- Sunday.  The Sabbath is the day between Friday and Sunday, or the seventh-day -- we call the daylight hours Saturday.

2.  Language:  In over 140 languages of the world, the word for the seventh day of the week, which we call Saturday, is in fact the word "Sabbath."  Language testifies to the Sabbath's preservation through the centuries.

3.  Astronomy:  The leading astronomers of the world testify to the fact that the weekly cycle has never changed.  Centers like the Royal Naval Observatory in the U.S. and The Royal Greenwich Observatory in England affirm the fact of a constant weekly cycle.

4.  History:  The Jewish people themselves have kept an accurate record of the Sabbath through the centuries.  For over 4,000 years, they have preserved the true Sabbath on Saturday.*

*  For purposes of consistency we've equated the 7th-day Sabbath with Saturday, though it should be noted that the Biblical Sabbath begins at sundown on the day we know as Friday and continues until sundown on Saturday.  Saturday, which came to us from Roman times, is measured from midnight Friday until midnight Saturday.  Most Sabbatarian Christians, of whom we are a part, celebrate God's Sabbath from sundown Friday evening until sundown Saturday evening.

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