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The Bible Sabbath - Commonly Asked Questions, 2

Romans 14:5 says, "One man esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike.  Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind."  Some, pointing to that passage, ask, "Really, what difference does it make which day we worship God?"

The problem here is taking a passage out of context, and making it say something it isn't even talking about!  Neither verse 5 nor verse 6 say anything about either worship or the Sabbath.  The key to this passage is found in verse 6 which states, "He that regards the day regards it unto the Lord, and he that regards not the day regards it not to the Lord.  He that eats, eats to the Lord for He gives God thanks, and he that eats not to the Lord, he eats not for he gives God thanks."

Confused?  The issue in this passage revolved around fasting days not Sabbath days.  Some Jewish Christians believed there was particular merit in fasting on certain days.  They judged others by their own standards.  The Pharisees fasted at least twice a week and boasted about it (Lk. 18:12).  In Romans 14, Paul is pointing out that to fast or not to fast on a certain day is a matter of individual conscience, not a matter of God's command.

In fact, Romans 14:1 sets the tone for the entire passage indicating that the discussion focuses on "doubtful disputations" or disputes on doubtful matters.  I can assure you that at the time of this passage the seventh-day Sabbath set apart by God at creation (Gen. 2:1-3) and placed within the heart of the moral law (Ex. 20:8-11) was NOT a doubtful matter to those early Christian believers.

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