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Stages of Membership Life
I.       Attraction and Courtship Stage

            1.  Becoming aware of the Church

            2.  Becoming interested in the Church

            Ministry Needed:  Awareness, Evangelism


II.      Entry Stage

            1.  Exploring relationships in the Church

            2.  Willing to make an Initial Commitment

            Ministry Needed:  Basic Scriptural Teachings,

            Seminars, Pastor’s Bible Class


III.    Participation/Assimilation Stage

            1.  Active Participation

§         Attends Regularly

§         Involved in Small Group Life

§         Supports Church Financially

§         Feels good about Church

§         Has friends in the Church

§         Involved in some form of ministry

§         Can talk about personal faith

Ministry Needed:  Spiritual Nurture, Social Nurture,

Training for further Ministries, Friendships,

Active in Small Group Ministry/Leadership


2.  Inactive Participation

§         Attendance become sporadic

§         Small Group life becomes sporadic

§         Decrease in financial support

§         Mixed feelings about the Church

§         Few or no friends in the Church

§         Gradually less involved in ministry

§         No involvement in Church ministry

§         Difficulty in talking about personal faith 

Ministry Needed:  Visitation, Renegotiation,

 Recruitment and Training, Assimilation



IV.     Drop Out Stage

            1.  Quits Attending Church at all

            2.  Quits Attending Small Groups and functions

            3.  Gives nothing to the Church

            4.  Indifferent or hostile about the Church

            5.  May still have 3 or 4 friends in the Church

            6.  Reinvests time and energy in family or other group

            7.  Can talk about faith without the Church

            Ministry Needed:  Visitation, Contacts,

            Reconciliation, Renegotiation,

            Recruitment and Training


V.      Re-entry Stage

            1.  A desire to return must be created

            2.  Someone in the Church must make them feel accepted

            3.  Reconciliation with Christ is the best foundation for returning

            4.  Reconciliation with friends/member of the Church very important

            5.  Church must find ways of easing the Re-entry

§         Attitude is a key element

§         Opportunities for graceful Re-entry must be provided

6.  The best Re-entry process is one which assures bonding back into Church Family.

§         Spiritual Bonding to Christ

§         Social Bonding to other members

§         Doctrinal Bonding to  Biblical “Truths”

7.  These are best accomplished through relationships in the Church

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