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Marriage & Family
On March 15, 2000 the La Mesa Adventist Community Church board unanimously voted a Family and Marriage policy to reclaim the sanctity of marriage and the family.

WHEREAS, outside of the Family, spiritually, the Church is God's number one choice for offensively enriching and equipping the family as well as defensively protecting its members;

WHEREAS, divorce and family issues now take more pastoral staff time, more effort and expense, than all the other issues in the Church combined;

WHEREAS, if we could eliminate divorce and marriage and family issues leading to divorce, the professional clergy within the Christian community would gain up to 50 percent of their time back for more proactive ministries;

WHEREAS, the spiritual ideal of marriage is one man and one woman under God's authority, committed to each other in an unbreakable marital covenant for a lifetime;

WHEREAS, the years between 2000 and 2040 should be considered as The Era For A Family Reformation;



A. Marriage Policy

1. All couples requesting to be married in the La Mesa Adventist Community Church must first complete the pre-marriage counseling course or provide a certificate of completion of some other approved pre-marriage course.

2. All Pastors of the La Mesa Adventist Church acting in their roles as Pastors representing the La Mesa Adventist Community Church, should not marry any couple unless they have first completed the pre-marriage counseling requirements.

3. All couples getting married agree to publicly sign a covenant saying they will marry for a lifetime. Copies of the covenant will be kept on file at the Church, given to the couple, and given to the families of both the newly married husband and wife.

B. Reclaiming the Sanctity of Marriage

1. The Church establish a mentoring program consisting of the following suggested areas: pre-married, newly married, full nest (children through elementary), families with junior/high school children, empty nest, families facing retirement, blended families, single parents.

2. The Church plan regular Marriage and Family Seminars throughout the Church calendar year and possibly consider a solemn Assembly for the Family where church families publicly sign a Family Covenant that is framed and publicly displayed as a reminder of our solemn pledge to our families and to one another.

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