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Pastor Larry McGill
Foundations of the Christian Faith

For Those Who Are Eager For A Deeper Walk In Faith
Starting April 7, 2012
How can we love a God about whom we know so little?  God has revealed Himself through words that we must understand with our mind.  Only when we have understood His Word with our minds can it penetrate our heart.  If we desire to become mature followers of Jesus Christ, we must enter into a deeper study of God’s Word.  That’s what theology is all about--growing to maturity in Christ.
If one’s doctrinal foundation is built on shifting sand rather than the solid Rock the result will be predicable: flying high one day and scraping the bottom the next you will be at the mercy of your emotions--a frustrating yo-yo syndrome.  Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is so important because every Christian is doing “full time ministry.”  
God is raising up a new generation of Christ-followers who long to know Him and His ways in a theologically sound manner.  So, in this study we will seek to trace the big theological themes of Scripture along the storyline of the Bible to determine what the Bible says about God, about humanity, about our future.
After all it was Jesus who said that which makes us free is knowing the truth.  We are left defenseless before cults, popular preachers, and other persuasive false teachers if we lack this solid network of doctrinal roots.  So, it is time for us to dig into the Word of God and discover where we each stand.  With God’s help we think you will find this study one of the most important and interesting projects you have undertaken.  You may even get so “fanatical” about your faith that your whole perspective on life changes.  Come to think of it, that’s exactly what Christianity is supposed  to do---change our lives!

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