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Leader Bio/Trip Info
Here is a little background on myself and the leadership that I have been involved in over the last couple of years.
I attended Vanguard University from 2005-2009, where I was heavily involved in the leadership. I was in a group called Frontline which is a welcoming team for the new incoming freshmen. Frontline helps move the new students into the building, take a select few with them for a week, show them around campus, take them to local churches, and help them adjust to being in college. I was also a Frontline Co-Director my Senior year and was able to plan the activities that all the incoming freshmen would be participating in. 

I have been on two separate mission trips while attending Vanguard University. In the summer of 2007, I went to St. Petersburg, Russia. While there my team was able to stay at a summer camp for orphans, and begin ministering to them while playing different types of games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, as well as sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to be the Resident Assistant for a floor of 40 freshmen girls. I was able to plan activities, lead bible studies, live with, and mentor these young women in their first year of college. In the summer of 2009 I was selected to be a student leader for a team taking a trip to Tanzania, Africa. On this trip we were able to visit many orphanages, villages and churches. We spent most of our time at the Treasures of Africa Orphanage where we played and loved on the kids who lived there, as well as ministered to the staff. 

Our trip contact Bio: 
Ryan Helbling, a former Resident Director at Vanguard University moved his family over to Africa almost five years ago. They worked with Treasures of Africa Orphanage, cultivating a safe place for the children and staff. Ryan and his family have been ministering to numerous villages over the years and have been able to host numerous missions teams from different schools and churches.

We have a great opportunity as a team to begin sharing the gospel to a village that has not been ministered to before! Ryan Helbling has spoken with the village pastors and they are thrilled for our team to be able to minister to their people.

My prayer for each and everyone of you is that you can be open to God moving in your life, and allow Him to do so. Being able to go on those trips has helped me understand that with God all things are truly possible and as Christians we are called to live a life worthy of the calling that we have received. Those trips have enabled me to show others just how amazing and alive God is. 

If you are interested, or have questions please email me:
More details will be available soon,

Thank you, 

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