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Background Characters in the Old Testament


 History, secular or sacred, is not told in terms of statistics, programmatic statements, tables, or figures. It often is told through stories.

This quarter's lessons are all about stories but not always the common and well-known ones with the "stars," such as Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah, Daniel in the lions' den, or David and Goliath. We will look, instead, at characters who did not make the headlines but who existed in the background, the ones easily overlooked and forgotten.

 Our focus this quarter will be on background characters in the Old Testament. Some are the good guys of the story, some not so good. Though not much is written about them, enough is written that the careful reader can learn from these characters.

In their stories, the challenges that confront these characters are not very different, in principle, from the challenges that we face today. However different their culture and background from ours, they, too, felt the pain of living in a sin-stained world, a world struggling amid the great controversy between good and evil. What makes this battle even more difficult is that it's not always easy to discern just what is the good and what is the evil, for sometimes the line between them can appear blurry.

Often, in the context of the big picture, the lives of these background characters might not seem so important. This is a feeling that many of us can identify with. How easy to think: After all, in the scheme of things, what do any of us, as individuals, matter? In the end, however, these "minor" characters made it into God's master story, and from their stories we can learn things that can help us write a different and better story for ourselves. 
Of course, it is not always easy to pay attention to the supporting cast. Instinctively, when we read or listen to a story, we tend to follow the main storyline and focus on the main characters. That's common and understandable, which is why this quarter we are going to look at the so-called "little people" and thus get a fuller understanding of the biblical text.






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